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Man behind the beer...


Ogün Cananoğlu / Co-Owner and Master Brewer


Ogun has been the head brewer for OO`s Brewing Co., since June 2017. He’s originally from Cyprus but spent most of his beer drinking years in the eastern coast of USA enjoying the growing tastes of hoppy beer. Ogun has a degree in Tourism Management and spent more than a decade working in various positions in the Hospitality industry, in hotels such as Hilton, Sheraton, and the Marriott. Ogun has been a brewer for 4 years. So the hospitality background met up with the brewing to create a marvelous experience for craft beer customers.


He is a big fan of west coast style IPA’s, Belgian style ales and draws a lot of inspiration from the culinary world when crafting beer recipes. While you will find a continued line up of OO`s classic beer styles, you will always find a new and exciting limited batch on tap. Peanut Butter ale, Salty Caramel brown ale, Imperial Pumpkin ale are just a few but the list is always expanding! Outside of brewing, Ogun likes to travel , attend food festivals, go to the beach, and spend time with his son Arel and his wife Ivelisse, two of his life priorities beside brewing great craft beer. He also will read mean tarot cards. If you catch him around the brewery, he just might read yours! Ogun is also a believer of spiritual relaxation which is reflected in the ambiance he creates around his beers.

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