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How it all started
After a serious brainstorming session between brothers Ogun and Orcun on creative business ideas in 2013, the two stumbled upon the world of home brewing. A potential business product, an automated beer machine discovered by Orcun online, led to Ogun exploring the process of making beer. Intrigued, Ogun began researching the craft of beer making and was surprised to learn that beer could be made at home and that home brewing was a very popular hobby in the United States since the late 70`s. It was enough to spark his interest,and shortly after, Ogun went to a home brew supply shop in Savannah,GA and made his first batch of beer with a close friend. The beer was ready about 3 weeks later, and although it was far from perfect, it was a start. He did not give up! Instead, that experience made him more determined to make it to perfection and so he hooked up his home brewery immediately, and after many home brew experiments, he launched a pilot brewery in his garage in Savannah, Georgia, USA.











Using 4 taps in a homemade bar, he brewed beer after beer designing and making innovative recipes and invited friends and family to taste his beers to gather feedback used to improve his beer. After dozens of beer tasting and food pairing events, from which he received a great amount of feedback, he fine tuned his signature recipes to perfection. In 2017, after hosting his brother Orcun, his wife Ikbal, and his childhood friend Kadir at his pilot brewery and bar for a beer tasting, they all came to the conclusion that Ogun was ready to launch his beers to the Cyprus marketplace with Orcun. A launch date was set and the brewery was installed on the upper level of Orcun`s Organic Marketplace. OO’s brewery opened up their taps shortly after on August 18 th 2017. The brewery & taproom are located in the Kermia neighborhood of Nicosia. Brewing beer began as an excuse to gather with friends and ruminate on life, philosophy, music, food, and of course relaxing and enjoying good beer. Once started, curiosity about the brewing process grew to a passion, and the craft was fine tuned using experimentation of different methods and techniques. Part of what we love about beer is its power to bring people together (hence our name -OO). We’re happy to be a gathering place in the Kermia neighborhood where locals and visitors alike can meet at our brewery alongside a quality pint. We believe in the power of neighborly acts and the spirit of neighbors taking care of one another within the local community. We at OO`s support and strive for the Nicosia community to know each other better and bond over the enjoyment of a great pint of beer in the process.


O&O`s Craft Brewing- both dream and reality

As a local family owned business, OO`s Brewing could never have happened without the help of family and friends. After all, what is beer if you cannot share it with friends and family.

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